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Tee Ball & Coach Pitch Division

*League Provided

  • Team Jersey Shirt
  • Baseball Team Hat
  • Socks
  • Belt

*Player Provided

  • Baseball/Softball  Glove
  • Baseball/Softball Pants
  • *Baseball Bat - USA logo Required for Coach Pitch
  • *Helmet

*If players  bring their own bat and helmet bats must  have USA logo. Helmets must be NOCSAE approved.

Minor, Major, and Senior Division

*League Provided

  • Team Jersey Shirt
  • Team Baseball Hat
  • Socks
  • Belt
  • ***Catchers Gear & Glove - Dangling Throat Guard Required

*Player Provided

Baseball Softball

  • **Baseball Glove Softball Glove
  • Baseball Pants Softball Pants
  • Baseball/Softball Cleats Footwear Softball Cleats
  • Batting Gloves (Optional) Batting Gloves (Optional)
  • *Baseball Bat - USA logo Required Softball Bat
  • *Baseball Helmet - NOCSAE sticker Required Softball Helmet with mask attached
  • Athletic protective support cup Softball fielder's facemask- (Optional)

NO JEWELLERY OR BRACELETS may be worn during games unless it is religious or medial related. Necklaces permitted for these reasons must be tucked in the shirt and remain there for duration of game.

**Long Sleeve Under shirts are permitted, but must be Black or Dark in color if Pitching. Per LL rules, Pitchers are prohibited from wearing white or light colored sleeves, and may not Pitch while wearing a white or light colored Glove. (Baseball)

***Personal Catchers Gear/Helmet MUST also have a dangling Throat Guard.

What Is The USA Bat Logo?

Bats used in competition for Little League Farm, Minor, and Major Division must meet the USA Baseball Bat Standard.  This will be indicated on the Bat by a visible USA Baseball Logo as shown in the image to the right.  BBCOR and USSSA certified bats are NOT permitted in Farm, Minors, or Majors Divisions. However, BBC OR bars are permitted in Intermediate (13 year old and up) Division.


Uniform Patch Placement

  • Sleeve Placement: 3” below left shoulder seam on raglan sleeve.
  • Sleeve Placement: 1” below left shoulder seam on set-in sleeve.
  • Sleeveless Placement: patch should be placed over the left breast.
  • Umpire Patch: 4” below left shoulder seam on set-in sleeve.

Instructions For Applying Iron-On Patch For All Stars

League Note: Experience has proven, if you have the capacity to have the patches sewn on, that method holds up the best and will save grief once games begin. Sublimated Jerseys can be difficult to apply patches with heat.

  1. All garments should be freshly laundered.
  2. Set iron to Cotton setting or 400 degrees.
  3. Thoroughly iron area of garment where patch will be placed.
  4. Place patch on desired location of garment.
  5. Place cloth or light towel over patch. While using a slow circular motion, press firmly for 30 seconds.
  6. Turn garment inside out, then iron back of patch for 30 seconds.
  7. Let patch area cool for one minute. If edge of patch can be lifted, repeat step six.


CAUTION! FOR SUBLIMITED POLYESTER UNIFORMS (ALLSTARS), REDUCE TIMES SHOWN IN THESE INSTRUCTIONS BY HALF AND INCREASE AS NEEDED. *Experience has shown that sewing patches on sublimated polyester (Allstars) uniforms is much more reliable. Iron-on patches tend to fall off.

Video How to Apply Patch:


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